Frequently Asked Questions


Do you sell regular flat window and door screens?  Unfortunately no, we only sell retractable screens and large format motorized screens.

How do I know if this retractable screen door is a high quality product?  Mirage Retractable Screens are manufactured locally in Surrey B.C. (Vancouver) using only the highest quality materials. The Mirage Screen also incorporates the best design to give you years (decades) of smooth trouble free operation. Because of their excellent quality, Mirage Screens are exported all over the world.

Can screens fit on French doors?  Our screens will work with both Single French and Double French doors. Whether you have one or two doors opening we can create a retractable screen door to meet your needs. 

How much does a retractable screen door cost?  Most retractable screen doors are $450. We don’t quote a lower price to get your business then surprise you with upcharges later. This cost is about the same as a quality storm door.

What is the time frame to get a screen door?  This is a seasonal business and can get extremely busy. Most companies will take up to 2 weeks to install your new retractable screen. Our goal is to install your new screen in 1 week or less and sometimes the same day. 

Do you offer a complimentary estimate?  Yes, we would be happy to come out, take measurements, and discuss the best options for you. We can install the screen door at the same time - schedule permitting.

I have pets. How do dogs and cats see the screen or potentially break the screen?  Especially when screens are newly installed dogs and cats have a difficult time seeing them (the screens truly are invisible!). If a pet accidentally runs into the screen the magnet holding the screen door will release and undoubtedly give your pet a small scare but should not cause any damage to the screen or the door.

Do you offer any type of a warranty?  We offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the retractable screen for defective parts. The screen mesh is not covered by the warranty. The retractable screen mesh is designed to be extremely forgiving, so mesh rescreens are very infrequent. Everyone has or has seen someone run into a screen door. They're invisible. Our workmanship is warranted for 1 year. 

If something breaks or works improperly, do you come out and make repairs?  We offer a 1 year warranty on the labour & installation. If you run through the screen at full tilt, that’s probably a service call?

What areas in the Lower Mainland & Fraser Valley do you service?  We service North Delta, Cloverdale, Surrey, South Surrey / White Rock & Langley.

Mirage Screens

Features & Benefits

Now you can screen EVERY door in your home! Whether your home is a condo, single family home, apartment or duplex, there is a custom Mirage Retractable Screen door perfect for your home.

  • Entry Door Screens

  • French Door Screens

  • Patio Door Screens

  • Sliding Door Screens

  • In-Swing Door Screens

  • Out-Swing Door Screens

  • Terrace Door Screens

Mirage Retractable Screen doors will help keep your family healthy and comfortable, and your home attractive. You will naturally cool your home by opening the doors and cut those rising energy bills in the process!

Why MIRAGE retractable screens? If you do a side by side comparison of a Mirage retractable screen door with any other brand retractable screen door, you will immediately see the QUALITY difference.

Here are just a few of the features of Mirage retractable screens:

  • Components that are engineered to last!

  • Superior powder coating (and available in the widest range of colors!)

  • Ultra-smooth screen guides made from silicone injected guides

  • Adjustable Spring Tension for smooth closing NEVER slamming doors!

  • Corrosion-resistance for oceanfront homes!

Mirage routinely cycle tests its product 250,000 times, the equivalent of 69 years of use if used 10 times daily.                                                                                                            That’s the Mirage Retractable Screen Door quality you can count on!