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At Magic Screens we pride ourselves on exceptional service and dependability. Our dedication to providing you with the highest quality products, reliable service and expert craftsmanship are the keys to our company philosophy.

Experienced, friendly and knowledgeable, our team is ready to listen to your needs and provide you with service second to none!

Locally owned & operated in the Fraser Valley & Lower Mainlaind, Magic Screens proudly serves North Delta, Surrey, Langley, South Surrey & White Rock.


Straight Talk

So you have decided to purchase a retractable screen and are now deciding which brand to buy. It can be a hard decision because ALL brands claim the to be the best - so let us help. We have seen pretty well EVERY retractable screen ever produced and here is our sincere advice. 

Purchase a screen made by Mirage or Phantom if you want a retractable screen that will last up to 20 years. You will pay upwards of $400 and will get a quality product that will provide trouble-free operation. We prefer the Mirage for 2 reasons:  The design is a little nicer and we also like the overall performance better. Note: If you decide to purchase a cheaper product like the Genius screen at Costco - please keep our contact info close by, as we typically will get a call anywhere from 1 day to one year later with consumers saying they wish they had taken our advice. If there were a better product out in the market place we would be using it here at Magic Screens.

History of Retractable Screens

Based in the Fraser Valley, Phantom Screens was the pioneer in the retractable screens industry.

In 1992, a unique brand of retracting screens are introduced to North American market by a Dutch immigrant, Syb Rypma. He forms a partnership with the Rooke family in Abbotsford, B.C. (near Vancouver)  and together they establish Phantom Screens.

In 1997, Mirage took the Phantom concept and perfected it by offering:

- a visually enhanced and pleasing design

- silicone injected guides for smoother operation

- engineering that included built in tolerances that allow for movement that could occur when a newhome settles providing years of trouble free operation

While there are many competitors in the retractable screen industry, Mirage and Phantom have managed to remain the two brands known for their commitment to quality.

Why Magic Screens

Simple. The quality of our screens and the workmanship of the installer.

Mirage has taken most everything that is good with other retractable screen manufacturers and applied them to the Mirage screen.

Today, Mirage is the most progressive retractable screen manufacturer in the marketplace.

If there were a better product out in the market place we would be using it here at  Magic Screens.

Our dedicated installer takes pride in each and every job providing excellent workmanship you can count on.

Authorized Mirage Dealer

Why MIRAGE Retractable Screens? If you do a side by side comparison of a Mirage retractable screen door with any other brand retractable screen door, you will immediately see the QUALITY difference.

Here are just a few of the features of Mirage retractable screens:

Components that are engineered to last!

Superior powder coating

Silicone injected guides that provide Ultra-Smooth glide

Adjustable Spring Tension for smooth closing

Corrosion-resistance for oceanfront homes!

Mirage routinely cycle tests its product 250,000 times, the equivalent of 69 years of use if used 10 times daily. That’s the Mirage Retractable Screen Door quality you can count on!


screen Play

The wizard who invented the retractable screen must have been a genius. These vanishing screens were first pioneered in Canada by Phantom and perfected by Mirage. Retractable screens operate like a dream and the stowaway design allows the mesh to retract onto a reel. They simply rollaway when not in use, disappearing out of sight. Retractable Screens are invisible and allow you to have a clearview of the outside while you enjoy the fresh breeze of the open aira.

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